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Healed to Minister to His People

Pastor Cin Kham shepherds the Far East Mission Church in Tulsa, with over 700 Burmese refugees attending services each week.

He works full time serving the needs of the families in his church.  On any given day, Pastor Kham is driving people from his congregation to help them get their driver’s licenses, driving them to get their social security cards, or taking them to a Good Samaritan Health Services clinic for their medical needs.  As Pastor Kham puts it, he is more than a full-time pastor; he is an “overtime” pastor.

Pastor Kham has been taking patients to Good Samaritan Health Services clinics since 2006 when he first came to Oral Roberts University to get his Masters of Divinity.

Many of our staff and volunteers got to know him very quickly, as he would tirelessly drive people from his church in need of medical care to one of our clinics.  But in 2008, in a moment’s time, Pastor Kham became a patient himself.  He shares how the Good Samaritan Health Services medical team saved his life.

 I got in my car and tried to start it, but I could not move.  I had a strong, sharp pain in my chest and I was frozen.  I could barely talk as I told someone to drive me to the Good Samaritan doctors right away.

As soon as they saw me, they recognized me and were very concerned for me.  I was having a heart attack, and they immediately called an ambulance.  While the ambulance was on its way, I heard the doctors and nurses praying over me to live so that I could continue my ministry to my people.

On the way to the hospital I remember saying, ‘Lord I am coming home.’  And I heard the Lord speak to me, ‘Don’t give up,’ to which I responded, I won’t give up Lord.

The doctors told me after the surgery that one artery was blocked 99% and the other 96%.  I would have died that day if I would not have known where to go.

Since his surgery, Pastor Kham is now a regular patient of Good Samaritan Health Services.  To this day, he must continue to take ten medications daily, which are mostly provided to him on the day of his visit.  He is now safe under the watchful eyes of the Good Samaritan Health Services medical professionals who are regularly monitoring his health.

Today Pastor Kham can continue his ministry to Christian Burmese refugees because of your generosity.  When you give to support Good Samaritan Health Services, your gift provides Pastor Kham the ongoing medical care he needs, as well as hope for so many others like him who are also in need of medical care.

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