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Our Story

Good Samaritan Health Services (GSHS) brings life-saving medical care—doctors, medicines, labs—to where at-risk individuals live. In 1998, Dr. John Crouch founded GSHS in order to provide free medical care to the poor and uninsured in Tulsa. Within a year, one site grew to several through the use of the first medical truck. In 2007, GSHS added a second medical truck, a state-of-the-art, 63-foot tractor trailer.

Our church partners provide facilities for patient check-in and triage (evaluation) and the many volunteers needed for the clinics’ operation. GSHS volunteers and doctors focus on the entire patient – physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Now, through the two medical trucks, over 30 volunteer medical physicians, and over 200 other volunteers, GSHS provides more than 600 patient visits each month through 54 clinics held at 12 sites across Tulsa.


To equip and empower Tulsa area churches to fulfill their vision of reaching their communities for Christ, partnering with them to effect transformation of individuals and the community by joining healthcare with their compassion ministries for those who do not have access to or cannot afford it.



To be an effective, operating model of medical expertise empowering churches and volunteers we partner with to minister physical healing, spiritual renewal, and other practical helps to the underserved with the goal of moving them “from poverty to purpose.”



Ministering physical healing and spiritual renewal for the underserved in our community.



  • Respect  
  • Integrity  
  • Compassion  
  • Excellence  
  • Servanthood




At the heart of what we do is to see transformation in people’s lives. We are here to provide compassionate medical care that ministers to the heart.

John Crouch, M.D., President

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