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Debra Found Help When She Needed It

Debra was a volunteer at Good Samaritan Health Services when she found herself in need of care, and at the right place to receive it.

Good Samaritan Health Services’ mobile health clinics serve many patients who have recently lost their insurance and cannot afford routine doctors’ appointments.

The help that these patients receive from Good Samaritan Health Services means they don’t have to go without much needed medication and medical treatment.

Debra is one of those patients. She was trying to make ends meet and had no insurance. She was in need of blood pressure medication. It was difficult for her to pay her doctor’s bill and purchase medication.

Because of that, Debra was taking a half dose of her pills to make them last longer. in spite of her own situation, in April of 2015, she came to Good Samaritan Health Services as a volunteer to help others who were less fortunate than she was.

As a result of this encounter, Debra discovered that with no insurance, she qualified to receive treatement from Good Samaritan Health Services. “I had become someone in need; one o the less fortunate with nowhere to go for healthcare.” Debra received much needed treatment and medication from Good Samaritan Health Services in September and November of 2015. She continues to volunteer at Good Samaritan Health Services clinic as well.

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