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At His Lowest Point God Provided a Miracle

Tommy did not know just how close he was to serious health problems.

Tommy started going to the Good Samaritan Health Services medical clinic at the Harvest Market because of ongoing back pain. On one of his visits he told our doctor about a problem he had been having with his eyesight for about a year. There would be times when he would suddenly lose sight in his right eye or have extremely blurred vision in both eyes. At first it only happened a couple of times over several months, but it began to happen more frequently.

He was beginning to worry something was terribly wrong. 

Because of our unique community partnerships, our doctor referred Tommy to an eye specialist for a full eye examination and evaluation. Eye tests did not reveal any eye complications, but the specialists suspected a vascular problem and a lack of blood flow was the cause for the problem. Good Samaritan Health Services again referred Tommy, this time to a vascular specialist for further tests.

Tests revealed Tommy had a totally blocked carotid artery on his right side and an almost totally blocked ar-tery on his left.

He was in a life threatening situation and was scheduled for immediate surgery.

Today Tommy has fully recovered and is thankful for each new day.  He was able to get the medical care he desperately needed because of your generous support.

Unfortunately, many who are uninsured will often put off seeking medical care because of the expense.  

Thank you for giving and caring and for helping people like Tommy find medical care when they need it the most. Your financial support is the gift of health for people in need.

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