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These are the stories of your love in action helping people in need.

Debra Found Help When She Needed It

Debra was a volunteer at Good Samaritan Health Services when she found herself in need of care, and at the right place to receive it. Good Samaritan Health Services’ mobile health clinics serve many patients who have recently lost their insurance and cannot afford routine doctors’ appointments. The help that these patients receive from Good Samaritan Health Services means they don’t have to go without much needed medication and medical treatment. Debra is one of those patients. She was trying to make ends meet and had no insurance. She was...
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Miracle at 3434 Clinic!

Imagine being in serious pain and having nowhere to go for medical help. That has to be one of the scariest feelings someone can have.    Helpless, hopeless and scared is where Laura found herself not too long ago.  She knew it would take a miracle for her to be pain free.   This busy mother had been experiencing tremendous back pain. However, she didn’t have the option of just making an appointment at any local doctor’s office.  She had no hope about ever experiencing relief from the unrelenting pain.  Laura...
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Patient Medication Program receives generous grant from Walmart

Thank you to the Walmart Foundation which generously provided a grant in 2015 covering the medication cost for 2,506 patients through our Patient Medication Program. Good Samaritan Health Services provides needed medications for free to our patients the day of their visit to our clinics.  This ensures patients can begin healing without the burden of costly medicine.

Ministry Close to Home

For these past 15 years, Letha has been a volunteer nurse at the Good Samaritan Health Services Memorial Baptist medical clinic. Letha has found a mission field close to home.  For her, volunteering in our community is just as special as traveling afar to help someone else.  This is the mission field she has been called to serve. As a nurse, she sees firsthand how grateful patients are to find the medical care they desperately need.  A recent patient visit stands out in her mind as a special moment. We...
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Healed to Minister to His People

Pastor Cin Kham shepherds the Far East Mission Church in Tulsa, with over 700 Burmese refugees attending services each week. He works full time serving the needs of the families in his church.  On any given day, Pastor Kham is driving people from his congregation to help them get their driver’s licenses, driving them to get their social security cards, or taking them to a Good Samaritan Health Services clinic for their medical needs.  As Pastor Kham puts it, he is more than a full-time pastor; he is an “overtime”...
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Our Community Churches Serving Together

Good Samaritan Health Services church partners are working together to support the medical clinics in their neighborhoods. Church 3434 began its partnership with Good Samaritan Health Services three years ago to bring a medical clinic to their neighborhood in east Tulsa. As a church body, they love doing acts of service for people living in their neighborhood. The medical clinic provided the perfect opportunity to meet the needs of so many they were already helping but who were also in desperate need of medical care. The medical clinic at Church...
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At His Lowest Point God Provided a Miracle

Tommy did not know just how close he was to serious health problems. Tommy started going to the Good Samaritan Health Services medical clinic at the Harvest Market because of ongoing back pain. On one of his visits he told our doctor about a problem he had been having with his eyesight for about a year. There would be times when he would suddenly lose sight in his right eye or have extremely blurred vision in both eyes. At first it only happened a couple of times over several months, but...
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Kim Didn’t Know How Bad Things Were

Thank you for helping our patients find the medical care they need in order to live healthy and productive lives. Kim is one of our patients who has been touched by your generosity. She was having terrible headaches and blurred vision. Because she was uninsured, she waited and waited, living in pain, hoping things would get better. But they didn’t. When Kim came to see us, our doctor suspected she had a tumor. We were able to refer her to have tests done to find out what was wrong. The...
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