Changing lives through His love.
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You can be a Good Samaritan for someone in need. Volunteer with us.

Find out how you can help

We are a nonprofit organization providing medical care for the underserved. These are three things we are passionate about:


MOBILe care 


our patients


the local church

Families need our help to break the cycle of poor health.

Many live hurting and in pain without access to medical care because of lack of transportation, lack of insurance, or inability to pay.

They live hoping things will get better on their own.

They usually don’t.


Our Response

To reach our community.

Through the use of two medical trucks we take medical care to the neighborhoods of greatest need.

Provide hope and care for the sick.

We visit most of our clinic sites weekly to provide consistent and accessible care for our patients.

Make our mobile clinics possible.

Our volunteers represent over 40 churches who answer the call of the Good Samaritan.

Your generosity makes it all possible

Thank you for caring and giving

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